Phoenix: The Valley of the Sun

Republic Services is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our headquarters is spread between two campuses in North Phoenix.

Opportunity affordability

Opportunity & Affordability

Phoenix, the fifth largest metro area in the U.S., offers both the intensity and entertainment of a big city, along with the quiet, family-friendly lifestyle of its surrounding suburbs. Job opportunities, housing availability and affordable cost of living have contributed to Phoenix’s growth.

Amazing Weather

Phoenix has great weather. Though we have hot summers, the remaining nine months of the year, residents can spend time in the outdoors. And during those three hot months, you can spend your time in air-conditioned buildings and in the pool or take a short two-hour drive to the mountains and escape the heat all together. The best part is you’ll never have to shovel snow.

Amazing weather
Travel sports outdoor

Travel, Sports &
Outdoor Enthusiasts

Near-year-round good weather makes Phoenix and its surrounding areas ideal for sports and outdoors enthusiasts. Whether you’re a spectator or a participant, Phoenix has several professional sports teams, great golfing, mountain biking and hiking. The Grand Canyon, Sedona and other landmarks are within easy driving distance, and because Phoenix is in the middle of the state, it’s the perfect launching destination for day and weekend trips.

Lively Culture

Arizona isn’t a very old state, but we sure have done our part to create a lively and storied culture in the time we’ve been here! Downtown Phoenix and downtown Scottsdale feature award-winning restaurants, quirky bars, boutique stores and world-class shopping. With an extensive art scene, vast botanical gardens and a smattering of museums, you’ll never be bored.

Lively culture